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T2T 2021
T2T 2021

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The long running invite for my friends at Loddon Vale TRF (LVTRF) and more recently Richard from the Surrey group extends to weekends in spring and autumn now dating back to just after we moved back down in 2012

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Nationally, the TRF has thousands of members, from those that picked up a trail bike in the 1960’s right through to newbies who passed their test yesterday


If you're a new member or are thinking about joining us, please initially contact John Heal on 01626 366860. Alternatively please JOIN  THE DTRF Forum for any local ride outs .

We have an informal monthly meeting which members or non-members can attend. During this meeting we briefly discuss Devon TRF business, introduce new members, arrange rides and generally talk about bikes.

About Us

Devon TRF is all about having fun, enjoying the countryside and meeting new people. Come along to one of our meetings, new members are always welcome.

The TRF is the national, voluntary and non-competitive body formed in 1970 by people who enjoyed exploring 'green roads' by motorcycle. Our aim is to conserve our heritage of green roads for everyone to enjoy.

Our members do not ride on illegal routes such as footpaths or bridleways. Our members do not ride inconsiderately and do not wish to be involved in or cause confrontation with other countryside users.

We know where to ride legally and hope that you will join us. There are regular days set up for beginners where anyone who is new to trail riding can enjoy riding. We also have ride outs most weekends and some weekdays for all abilities from novices through to expert riders.

Rate of Change

A steep uphill technical climb, and every ounce of your concentration is focused on simply finding your way up, keeping those wheels moving in a direction of your choice

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DTRF forum is free for all to use. You don't have to be a TRF member to contribute.