Join Us

If you would like a FREE ride out to see if trail riding is for you then please contact us. After this you can then decide if you would like to become a TRF member.

If you're a new member or are thinking about joining us, please initially contact John Heal on 01626 366860. Alternatively please JOIN  THE DTRF Forum for any local ride outs .


We have an informal monthly meeting which members or non-members can attend. During this meeting we briefly discuss Devon TRF business, introduce new members, arrange rides and generally talk about bikes.


When joining the National TRF (which you must do to become a member of a local Group), simply specify that you'd like to join the Devon Group. There is no additional charge for this. Once your details are received locally, you will be sent a pack to welcome you to the Devon Group, which sets out all you need to know to start riding with us.

The National TRF's website can be found here. The online registration process can be completed in a matter of minutes and payments can also be made online (if you prefer, you can choose to pay by cheque). 

Once you're a member of the National TRF you will receive issues of the TRF's "Trail" magazine containing useful information, letters, articles, ride reports, equipment tests, competitions, features and stories, classified sales, and useful contacts.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to Devon Group!

Our Mission Statement


We are here to.....

  • Encourage the use of the green lanes in Devon in a responsible and sustainable manner

  • Aid and encourage the novice rider in improving their green lane riding skills

  • Research and preserve the Devon rights of way and our legal right to use them

  • Assist Devon Group Members to find the legal routes to ride

  • Enjoy trail riding by following the Code of Conduct laid down by the National TRF

  • Support other legitimate users of green lanes


What you get when you register with the Devon Group


  • Mapping of over 1,100 legal green lanes in Devon. This is probably the most important item we can give you*. We produce Memory Map overlays (you will need to buy Memory Map software to view these) and Google Earth Overlays (Google Earth is a free download) which you can, as a Devon Member of the TRF, request to be e-mailed to you. These are updated frequently and will show you where the legal-to-use routes are in Devon.

  • The opportunity to go out trail riding with experienced riders - we have frequent runs in all areas of Devon and sometimes we venture into neighbouring counties.

  • Technical assistance - whether it's for your bike or your computer we have the breadth of knowledge within our existing membership to help you.

  • Discounted parts and accessories from our supporting Dealers (see "Useful Links").

  • Monthly meetings (not compulsory) where you can meet fellow members.