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Short introductory run for new(ish) member!
Words by TTR
My neighbour Ralph joined the TRF last year but for various reasons didn't get out on a run. So today was his first trail ride. He looks happy enough on his WR250F  

The target set was for an hour's run but I failed miserably and we completed my loop in just under 2 hours with no pasty stops  
First off is my local "Muddy Lane" where I believe a cross rut nearly caused a badger.
I am sure the "Bike Wash" lane in the following pic will be recognised - essential after doing Muddy Lane   
Lots of building work going on the Crealy side of the river.

Ralph certainly seemed fit or competent and probably both as he wasn't even out of breath after "The Rut"

Ralph will be looking for more weekend rides in East Devon and hopes to get registered on the forum soon.
He is currently nursing an old kite surfing back injury and may well be looking to replace the trusty kickstart-only WR250F with a leccy start bike at some stage.
Perfect weather, the big rambler group were all cheerful as were the horse riders we met en route, and we were home in good time for lunch - well, it would have been if Tim hadn't beaten me to it and noshed my chicken curry so it was sandwiches for me  
As Martyn says, must get out more........