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Another great weekend showing the Essex guys around for the third year in a row and even some new members to their group this time. It's now becoming a twice yearly event. This time we had six Essex members. I went and met them as usual in the pub for a drink on the Friday evening and met the new faces.
Saturday we were also joined by Mike B, Andrew Tucker and Laurie as TEC.

I don't have any photos from Saturday I'm afraid as we were too busy trying to fit 126 miles in with ten riders   We did an anticlockwise route around Dartmoor starting at South Brent and taking in Buckfastleigh, Ashburton, Bovey Tracy, Throwleigh, Okehampton, Lydford, Mary Tavy, Tavistock, Burrator and Cornwood. A brilliant day out and didn't even see any other bikers. Only a couple of issues all day really as 191-075 was only just passable  as we had to all limbo our bikes under a fallen tree, this lane has also had a little regrading done on the turns up the hill and a new gate fitted at the top with a nice hook to keep it open as well.   and Woo Hoo 202-154 that we attempted at the end of the day has eroded again after the rain and beat us as we ran out of light and gave up. 

Total distance 125 miles.
Sunday seemed a couple of degrees warmer as we set off with just the Essex guys and myself (seven in total) starting this time from Tuckenhay where they were staying and taking in Avonwick, where 202-129 has had an extra three gates put in  ; Dean, Bickington, where we met a very pleasant lady on a horse who told us the lanes are for everyone to enjoy  ,  llsington, where I watched five of the Essex guys fall over like a pack of cards behind me on Simms hill    ( never laughed so much) didn't have the camera out though, so they went back down to try again only to cheat and come up the side way 

Christow and Bennah Hill 191-121 where the interesting part is still blocked by baler twine at the top and a mini digger at the bottom with no room to pass , Trusham and Ruggadon, where a few needed a helping hand, but the Dumpy bags definitely made it easier than the last time I visited  .

Then Ideford, Ashcombe, Dawlish, Teignmouth and then Rocombe, where Piggery was still Piggery  , then on to Kingskerswell, North Whilborough and Littlehempston, where they couldn't believe the change in Tally Ho from last year  .
Only a couple of issues throughout the day, one was Graham managing to spit himself off on the tarmac on a corner when applying a little too much power and badly hurting his knee, but even at 63 years of age he soldiered on and finished, we also had to keep topping up the only Gas Gas with oil as it was pouring out the oil filter housing (anyone know if it's true that car 10w 40 oil will affect the clutch as it has additives in it?).
Total distance 96 miles
All in all another great weekend with lots of great memories, roll on next year.