Lane Clearing

Green road on Woodbury common, pebble heath SSSI Lane no. 192-136

So the next project looms with some enthusiastic people involved within their professions giving a wealth of experience to help provide a solution/s to my project on Woodbury common


Early summer I contacted Dr Sam Bridgewater who works for Clinton Devon Estates as Nature conservation manager for the pebble heaths that have a SSSI status on Woodbury common.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sam at one of his famous talks about the pebble heath conservation work he’s doing with his team, this work was show cased at a local village hall a couple of years ago, where I received some helpful knowledge on clearing pebble heaths J


So Clinton estates arrange clearing parties on the pebble heaths to help maintain clear heaths, clearing program/s arranged by team leaders/managers to assist wardens along with volunteers to clear the trees + scrub to help protect the heaths, well this will easily fall into the DTRF lane clearing bracket nicely.

Dr Sam Bridgewater copied in the pebble heaths site manager Kim Strawbridge to help me out with my latest clearing project, a few emails exchanged we agreed on a site meeting in July as this would suit Kim’s busy schedule, I popped a courtesy email to Richard Spurway form Devon PRoW to have his inclusion on the legal route along with local knowledge just in case of any hiccups.



Meeting day arrived, everyone on site with intro’s + greetings dealt with as Richard + Kim haven’t met before this day. I led the way as neither of these fine people have ever walked/looked at this road before! We headed down through the gorse chatting; pointing out various land features along the length with added information from us all about legality, snake habitation, old gravel pit workings, keeping the clearing ends closed, signing, foreign stone used at the Golf course end when construction was in full workings, plus the all important clearing work.  

Along the length walking from E to W we encountered Gorse, various pine trees, Birch + Willow all with various degrees of pruning required plus quite a few removals! Nice!


Quick summary of events to date

Meeting with various professional people (who have never met)

Information exchanged on various aspects for the needs of us all to make a successful project work

Project date pencilled in

Decided on what vegetation to prune/remove

Not to be signed at either end so we don’t attract unwanted users (Stealth mode)

Meeting the needs of the SSSI in clearing the road and helping preserve the pebble heath commons

Touching base with ‘Clinton estates’ employees especial Dr Sam Bridgewater making them aware of the DTRF


Excellent meeting with two great people who had no objections to the intending clearing project of 192-136 in October

I’ll be hand picking a small team form our ‘clearing squad’ to achieve everything we’ve set out in the meeting.