Lane Clearing



The Devon group of the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) working with the approval of Devon County Council has brought a green lane, or unsurfaced unclassified county road, back into use for all.


The lane in question is known as Harberton UCR 301 and runs northerly from Peak Cross on the A381, Totnes to Kingsbridge road. For many years this lane has been waterlogged with deep puddles discouraging all but the very intrepid as the depth of water was found to be almost 1m deep in places !


The TRF voluntarily offered their services to Devon CC to remove the water hazard and bring this important linking lane back into use for ALL users including motor bikers, mountain bikers, horse riders and hikers. All labour, excavator, pumps and stone fill were supplied without charge by the TRF as part of their policy to help keep green lanes open for use for all.


In all some 90,000 litres of water was pumped out and approx. 200 tonnes of recycled concrete and stone fill used in the project.


The TRF is a national organization of motor bike enthusiasts who enjoy riding the network of green lanes in this country following a strict code of conduct. All green lanes ridden are legal rights of way for vehicles and all riders are legally riding properly taxed and insured motor bikes. The TRF does NOT condone the riding on bridleways nor footpaths.


21 December 2017