100 Lanes Challenge


April 4th 2009 
Rob Rawlings - Devon TRF 
Gary McAulay - Devon TRF 
Kev Knight - Devon TRF 
Mike Baugh - Devon TRF 
Neil Lander - Cornwall TRF 
Bonny Collingborn - Devon TRF - first female centurion! 
David Lobb - Devon TRF 
Mike Quinn - Devon TRF 
Not pictured - Andy Lander-Stow - Devon TRF


June 28th 2008 
Andy Lander Stow - Devon TRF (2nd time)
Jeff Fraser - Cornwall TRF (2nd time)
Bob Turner - Devon TRF
Kev Jones - Devon TRF (2nd time)
Jim Pinnock - Devon TRF


June 10th 2008 
Paul Studley Devon TRF
Roger Hart - Devon TRF
Dave Clarke - Devon TRF
Brian Sussex - Devon TRF

100lanesticker copy.gif

May 6th 2008
Andy Lander Stow - Devon TRF
Kev Jones - Devon TRF
Jeff Fraser - Cornwall TRF
Tim Hayford - Devon TRF

To qualify for the award the following rules must be adhered to:
Only a team of current TRF members led by a Devon Group member may receive this award.
All lanes must be in Devon and they must be acknowledged legal lanes.
The team must be of 4 or more riders.
The team must have at least 4 riders at the finish.
A GPS/SatNav track log must be presented to the Official Adjudicator (who shall be nominated prior to the ride taking place) at the end of the ride.
The track log must be readable by Memory Map Software.
100 different lanes must be ridden within the 12 hours of daylight. You may re-ride lanes already ridden but the lane number only counts once.
The maximum length of the lane must be ridden unless there is evidence as to why the lane could not be ridden in its entirety - for example photographs of an obstruction.
The clock starts when the first lane is entered and finishes when the 12 hours are up.
There is no fee for the attempt but a validation fee of £5 + £2 per successful rider (5 finishers = £15) to have the track log validated and 2 stickers per rider. The stickers are of the logo above.
This is not a challenge or a race. Exceeding the national speed limit on open roads will result in disqualification. To ride 100 lanes in 12 hours means you need to average 8.5 lanes per hour and approximately 10mph average speed - if your planning is good!
A photo of the team during the attempt and one at the end of the successful ride is required for inclusion on this web page.
If a lane is being ridden when the time is up that lane will count towards the award.
The Award is in recognition of good route planning, good plan execution and good teamwork.
The names of the successful team members will be published on this page of the Devon TRF website.
The award attempt must be carried out in the spirit of common sense and fairness.
There is no dispensation for time lost for any reason whether it be mechanical failure, traffic problems, food/rest stops etc.
Notes to assist an attempt 


The following notes may help when attempting to ride 100 lanes:

  1. You may deem weekend/bank holidays unsuitable due to extra traffic (vehicular or otherwise).

  2. Plan to use lanes that are well ridden prior to the attempt so that you know they're all open. Consider having a practice attempt so you can replan your route if necessary.

  3. It may take some time to hone your route into a useable format and put it on GPS.

  4. Find out the fuel range of each bike and make sure that the route takes you near fuel stations when you need them.

  5. Carry a good range of tools and spares, especially tubes and the everything needed to change them. Some riders carry an electric compressor to inflate tyres which can save a lot of effort and time.

  6. As 4 riders must finish the attempt, you might want to consider starting with 5 in case a rider succumbs to a mechancial problem or other event that prevents his/her participation.

  7. The track log has to be forwarded to the Official Adjudicator. Verification may take some time. You will also need to submit an electronic list (e.g. an Excel spreadsheet) of the lanes you have ridden, in the order they were completed.

  8. Try not to do too many return journeys or passing along roads that you've already ridden as this makes the track log difficult to read.

  9. You may wish to submit a set of waymarks on Memory Map to show the Official Adjudicator your route for the first 100 lanes before your attempt.

  10. The time taken to ride the 100 lanes is not taken into consideration. It is not a race. If you only want to do 100 lanes (consider riding a few extra to be safe) then quit the ride and prepare the track log and spreadsheet for submission.

  11. The ride leader should ride ahead, followed by a close-knit group. The leader needs space in case of an overshoot. You don't want to be run over by the following rider.

  12. Try to plan a route using lanes without gates. If you encounter gates, it is suggested that the leader opens and anybody else closes.

  13. Do not be afraid to ask for advice. Ask if you need clarification or assistance, both during planning your attempt and executing it.

  14. Make the smokers roll up a dozen ciggies before you start!

  15. Identify your food stops during the planning stage. Know where you can get food and hot/cold drinks on your route.

  16. You will find the attempt very difficult in heavy rain. Don't be afraid to call it off.

  17. The validation fee - £5 + £2 per rider is payable the evening of the next monthly meeting after the track log has been validated. That is the evening the certificates and stickers get presented.

  18. A digital photograph must be taken fairly early on in the attempt of the whole group, and another at the end. One of these photographs will be displayed on the "100 Lane Award" page of the Devon TRF website with the names of all the successful riders.


Successful Attempts:

June 2017

Jason Bates (Devon TRF)
Steve Attfield (Run leader, Devon TRF)
James Woelfell (Devon TRF)
Tim Ruck (Devon TRF)


Dec 2015

It started at a TRF Group meeting when Steve Attfield said he was going to resurrect the 100 Lane Challenge and name it in memory of Andy Lander Stow, a good friend, with half of the £5 per rider going to Andy’s cancer charity. Dave and myself who had done it 7 years before when Brian organised it and decided to do it again, joined by Lyn and Kevin.

January 20th 2012 
Paul West - Devon TRF 
Pete Bull - Devon TRF 
Dave Muller - Devon TRF 
Russell Bentley - Devon TRF 


June 29th 2010 - in support of Rowcroft Hospice, Torquay 
Mo Herbert - Devon TRF 
Phil Hale - Devon TRF 
Paul Martin - Devon TRF 
Ray Tribe - Devon TRF