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Ode to Ollie

! wanted to mark the fact that it is a year today that a very dear friend, trail riding companion, founder member of the Devon TRF and dirt racing buddy Oliver Cooke passed away. Many of you won't know me, but I was also fortunate enough to be one of the half dozen founder members of the Devon TRF, and through my many years riding enjoyed so many adventures with my dear friend, whom I and I know many of you still sadly miss. And I thought you may like to share in some of my thoughts of those wonderful times on various trails...

 An ode to Ollie

'Never to ride those trails again'

Never to ride those trails again

In the mountains of Eire such fun and games.

Never to laugh and chill then smirk

Riding our bikes and stuck in the dirt

Never again chew the cud and to laugh,

Of riding tales through such ancient paths.

To sit no more around kitchen table

Yarning fact, fiction and fable.

So much effort, ease, sorrow and grin.

Floating along then landing on chin.

Never to spanner in the garage so late

Tweaking the motor suspension and brakes.

Waiting the dawn when race day arrives

Ready the transport - 'OK mate I'll drive'.

To battle no more the elements for gold

Sod this lark mate, are we getting too old.

Those were the days when my friend and I challenged heavenly trails and reached for the sky.

Tho' miss his warm cheer ever so much

He's still all around wherever we touch.

Adrian Harris 2016
Devon Trail Riders Fellowship
Trail riding is legal and legitimate - we do not condone illegal use of the countryside.
The countryside is for EVERYONE to enjoy.

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