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Teign to Tamar news

2017 Dates:

Join us for YOUR Free prize draws!
@ Devon TRF AGM

Annual General Meeting,

8pm Dolphin Hotel, Bovey Tracey

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Please come and support your local TRF group.

It goes without saying we need volunteers to keep the club running.


This year we will be having 3 FREE prizes,
to be drawn after AGM formalities.



 8th August    12th September   10th October  


Devon TRF Group



starting at 09.30 until 4pm

Sunday August 13th 2017

The course runs through private farmland  and comprises woodland and fields, and is suitable

for novices and experienced riders alike.

Prior entry by Paypal or cheque 20 per TRF member, 25 per guest of member (max 3 guests)


Please send your cheque made payable to Devon TRF, to TRF, Court Barn,
Southerton, Ottery St Mary, EX11 1SE, include an sae if receipt required.

You can also pay Via Paypal

membership no. if applicable

All of our riding days are strictly non-competitive, and only road legal quiet bikes will be admitted to our events.

Please Note- If your day will be spoiled by waiting behind another rider until it is safe to pass, please do not come to our events.

 Directions: On the A380 approaching Torquay, take the ring road towards Paignton and Brixham. At the end of the dual carriageway turn right and drive past petrol station. At the top of the hill turn left towards Totnes. In approx 200 yes turn right and follow the TRF signs to the venue.


Please visit and click on events for more details of these and other upcoming events!




Past Events

Wolborough Barton, 20 September 2015

West Leigh Farm, 28 June 2015

Chris Cork, 14 April 2015

A Teacher's Tale, 10 February 2015


2014 Completed Events

Smeatharpe, 14 September 2014

Hazelwoood Farm, 27 July 2014

Smeatharpe, 30 March 2014

Axe to Exe, 22 - 23 March 2014

2013 Completed Events

Nathan Millward, Friday 15th November 2013

Cotton Farm, 8th September 2013

Smeatharpe, Honiton, 18th August 2013

After seeing the success of the Easter Sunday event at Smeatharpe, I had been awaiting the next date with anticipation.
I had been a paying rider at the Easter event, but also offered to marshal as I had spent some afternoons helping to prepare for the day.
For the August 18th event I offered to marshal all day, and what a day! I previewed the extra 3 fields which were added the day before, which held a hidden surprise, the bog on that top corner! And riding "speedway style" on the wet grass in the morning was an excellent start to the day.
Gruff rode round first thing, just to make sure all was well, and he came back with a not too muddy bike, so I thought, "it can't be that bad", so I too headed for the woods....... The boggy section had an easy "avoid" via the left bank, but I found that the easy bank had an early exit option with a 21" hole which my front wheel fitted into perfectly, 10 minutes later, I too returned to base, but with a thick coating of bog over myself and the bike My first marshal point was in the lower fields, after the first half of the woods, just to make sure everyone was okay after the trickier woods section. This was a mainly quiet spot, with just one rider winded after cart-wheeling over the handlebars thanks to a rock showing it's face and also giving some advice to fairly new riders, who were enjoying the challenges laid before them.
With a good number of marshals, I had no reason to stay in one place for too long, so I too was soon enjoying the diagonal roots which suddenly appeared, and the woods section started to grow extra roots just to try and catch us all out.
When the rain came in earnest, I thought I would head out to the far side of the track to remark the true course, all was going well until I forgot that rain and a decent MX track = less traction, and yes, I kissed the dirt. No-one saw, but a few commented on the brown high-viz afterwards.
Back into the woods to hear of certain tree kissing tales , and then off to help the large quad towing a DRZ400S with as flat battery off the narrow wood section. All in all, a very enjoyable day, and I found the woods much less foreboding when I treated it like a trail, and less like a track.
Somehow, I managed nearly 30 miles!
Thanks to all who cracked the whip to make this happen, and to all those that made it worthwhile by turning up, and leaving while a smile on their face.
Until the next one................

By Nick Cook

Hazelwood Farm, Marldon, 28th July 2013

Thanks to generosity of the landowners Devon TRF returned to Hazelwood Farm near Marldon. A mixture of open fields and tight wooded tracks provided a great days riding for 73 intrepid adventurers. Rain threatened to dampen the spirits in the afternoon but didn't amount to much more than the odd sharp shower. A great day was had by all.

Pheonix Moto Park, Kingsteignton, 7th July 2013

A fantastic day was had by 59 riders on a sweltering hot day in the natural cauldron that is Phoenix Moto Park formerly known as Whiteway Barton near Kingsteignton. All abilities were catered for with no pressure, people just got out and rode the track as much or as little as they wanted. Totally different to trail riding but in a safe environment with a friendly social atmosphere. Great organisation, BBQ and facilities. Definitely no mud to clean off the bikes after this Funday!

Smeatharpe 31st March 2013

Smeatharpe offered open fields, a small MX track and woodland trails. A TRF member wrote...."I had a fantastic time! It was my first TRF event and I couldn't have asked for better. The course was excellent (I kept to the easier bit), the advice well needed and the welcome second to none - even down to me being lent a KTM 400ish bike for a while (excuse my ignorance on the model) which was , frankly, generous beyond all expectations. Turning up on a KTM 990 Adventure and TKCs was ... interesting."

2012 Completed Events

Phoenix Moto Park - formally Whiteway Barton - Rescheduled 30th September 2012

First hour was enjoyed by riders new to a motorcross track. Other TRF members joined in and though relatively quiet as several rescheduled events were taking place that same weekend, a great time was had by all .

Cotton Farm - Rescheduled 7th October 2012

Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions, this event could not take place. It will be rescheduled for 2013.

HazelWood Farm - 22nd July 2012

This event was well attended and will take place again in 2013.

Cotton Farm - 24th June 2012

Following from last years excellent first ever visit to Cotton Farm, our return to this enduro-style loop had to be cancelled due to the appalling weather. Hopefully, the event will be re-scheduled soon.

Phoenix Moto Park - formally Whiteway Barton - 29th April 2012

The one and only opportunity this year to ride the excellent Phoenix Moto Park track had to be cancelled due to unprecidented rain. Efforts are being made to re-schedule the event.

Teign to Tamar - 14th and 15th April 2012

With a call just two weeks before the event from Wheeldon, it was touch and go as to whether we were going to be able to run the weekend, after much deliberating and a trip down to Wheeldon to see a new start and finishing point it eventually went ahead. We had 26 riders attend.

Many thanks to the Run Leaders and TECs for giving up their time over the weekend, and here's what the riders had to say.....

"Just a quick note to thank you for another great weekend we all had a brilliant time. Once again thanks for another excellent weekend of laning. Please keep us informed of any future events." Graham, Andrew & Dave (Southern)

"Many thanks for the weekend to all you lovely folks down in Devon. Had a great time and very impressed with the lanes, the lads who led and TEC'd, the food and the guys & gals who did all the graft. A big well done to all." John (East Midlands)

"Many thanks for a splendid weekend." Clive (Mid Wales)

2011 Completed Events

The spiritual home of Devon TRF at Haccadown Woods was revisited on Sunday the 21st of August for a day's non-competitive riding through private woodland and adjacent MX track courtesy of our Chairman Noel Squibb and adjoining landowner Richard Lennard. Sections of varying diffciulty catered for novice and more experienced riders, and the weather conditions were near perfect; a warm day after some light showers. As well as the landowners, Devon TRF thanks all those who helped prepare the venue and carried out various duties during the day, as well as help clear up afterwards. As usual, our flyer for this event can be found here.

Devon TRF returned to Hazelwood Farm on the 17th of July where riders of all levels got to take their bikes through a mixture of woodland and fields. Thanks of course to the landowners for allowing us to return in 2011. For interest, our flyer can be found by clicking this link.

The 19th of June saw Devon TRF at a new venue for 2011, Cotton Farm. Following some rain earlier in the week, track conditions started off somewhat wet, drying as the day went on and providing plenty of fun for riders of all abilities. The event was very well attended and we hope to return in 2012! Thanks to all those who secured this venue, and helped with setup and take down. For information, the flyer is still available here.

Devon TRF was proud to play a part in the first Adventure Film Festival held in the UK, hosted by Austin Vince and Lois Pryce. Over the weekend of the 3rd-5th of June, those attending were treated to films, fun and the odd drink or two in the company of like-minded souls who have travelled (or are dreaming of travelling!) across countries and/or continents in their chosen form of tranpsort, be it motorbike, car, or kayak! The official event website can be found here.

On the 8th of May, Devon TRF enjoyed exclusive use of Whiteway Barton MX Track. Weather conditions were almost perfect giving novice and more experienced riders alike - whether members of the TRF or not - the chance to ride a championship level track. Details of what was on offer can be found in our flyer for this event here.

Across the weekend of the 2nd - 3rd April we held our fourth annual "Teign to Tamar" event, based at Wheeldon Farm, where Devon TRF members guided visitors through some of Devon's best green lanes. The odd shower did nothing to dampen spirits and as is usual at this event, riders of all abilities had a great time. Our old flyer is available here.

Motorcycle adventurer Sam Manicom visited Devon TRF on the 25th of February to tell us of his travels through Canada, the USA and Mexico. Sam's presentations are always popular among would-be and actual round-the-world motorcyclists. Our old flyer is still available here.

Our friend Austin Vince made a prompt return to Devon on the 20th of January to deliver his Mondo Enduro presentation. This followed Austin's visit at the end of last year and as always proved very popular with members and non-members alike.

2010 Completed Events

We were fortunate to be able to welcome the ever popular Austin Vince back to Devon on Friday the 12th of November where in front of a sell-out crowd he delivered a side-splitting and entertaining presentation about his travels through the Sahara with a team of plucky expeditionists. Our old flyer can be found here.

The last of our planned riding events for 2010 took place on Sunday the 22nd of August at Haccadown Woods, courtesy of the landowner - and our Chariman - Noel Squibb. Some changes were made to the circuit this year which proved popular, and the weather was kind to us despite some light showers later in the day. Thanks of course go to Noel for once again allowing Devon TRF the use of the venue, and neighbouring landowner Richard Lennard for the use of his MX section. Thank you to everyone who also helped prepare the circuit, carried out marhsalling duties, and helped tidy up afterwards. Details of our completed riding events for 2010 can be found in our flyer here.

Running through private farmland and made up of woodland and fields, we returned to the fantastic Hazelwood Farm courtesy of the landowners on Sunday the 11th of July. Running the circuit in reverse from last year and enjoying decent weather, a great day's riding was had by all.

On the Sundays of the 20th of June and the 1st of August we visited Whiteway Barton MX tack. Once again we had good weather and a good evening's ride for our first visit in July, and a few showers helped keep the dust down for our return in August. Both sessions were great fun for novice and more experienced riders alike.

On Sunday the 13th of June we held our second event at Musbury MX track. Enjoying good weather and the on-site BBQ, the day was a great success for TRF members and non-members alike.

Over the weekend of the 17th and 18th of April, we held our annual "Teign to Tamar" fund raising event in glorious sunshine. Devon TRF members guided visitors around some of Devon's best green lanes, starting from Wheeldon Farm. Details of this completed event can be found in our flyer.

On the 26th of February 2010 talented enduro rider Tamsin Jones paid us a visit to tell us about her determined attempt in January 2010 to successfully complete the Dakar Rally, becoming the youngest UK woman to complete this mentally and physically punishing event. We were very lucky as Tamsin was able to bring her race bike, a modified Yamaha WR450. Our flyer is still available here, and you can read about Tamsin's preparation here and here.

Devon Trail Riders Fellowship
Trail riding is legal and legitimate - we do not condone illegal use of the countryside.
The countryside is for EVERYONE to enjoy.

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